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Harava Group, Inc is the go to partner for startups, small and midsize business community – driving value creation through business and capital advisory services.


The key to our client service is our seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise with tools and capabilities to support execution and make change happen.


Our advisors are recognized leaders in accounting, tax and financial management services. We help clients manage their accounting and financial functions.

Our Core Values


High Performance Culture

At Harava, we have fostered an internal culture incorporating collaboration.Read More »

Act with Integrity

At Harava, we believe in operating with transparency by communicating internally and externally.Read More »

Respect for Partners and Clients

At Harava we understand that people all over the world come with different abilities, qualities.Read More »

Agility and Accountability

Harava takes pride in its ability to rapidly adapt to changes in our core industry.Read More »

Value Driven Organization

At Harava, we believe that value driven organizations are the most successful organizations.Read More »

Adherence To Highest Professional Standard

Harava’s standard for professionalism enables an environment that cultivates success.Read More »

Harava’s PE Investment Strategy

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Value Creation Just Got Easier through our partnership program

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Our business model is to acquire interests in companies with growth potential by offering liquidity and growth strategy solutions and co-invest alongside management or founders.Read More »
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Venture Capital Expansion & Growth Buyout Rescue/Turnaround Other
Start-up and/or early stage company Formal Company Structure in place Larger, more established company Distressed Company Secondary purchase of company
Seed: angel investors Pre income or post income Financial engineering Refinancing Replacement Equity
Primarily equity & quasi equity Phased financing High leverage and & leveraged buyout (LBO) Financial restructuring
Equity, quasi-equity & debt Lower growth & greater emphasis on efficiencies, restructuring
Venture Capital Start-up and/or early stage company Seed: angel investors Primarily equity & quasi equity
Expansion & Growth Formal Company Structure in place Pre income or post income Phased financing Equity, quasi-equity & debt
Buyout Larger, more established company Financial engineering High leverage and & leveraged buyout (LBO) Lower growth & greater emphasis on efficiencies, restructuring
Rescue/Turnaround Distressed Company Refinancing Financial restructuring
Other Secondary purchase of company Replacement Equity